Getting to Know Your totchop Set

Your totchop Set Includes:

  • 1 totchop Knife: Ergonomically designed for safety and efficiency
  • 1 Silicone Sleeve: Protects the edge during manufacturing, but is not designed for long-term use
  • 1 totchop Cutting Board: Features a round cutting bowl, a prep pocket, and innovative measuring aides

Safety First

  • Always be mindful of the blade: The totchop knife is extremely sharp. Store it safely and never leave it unattended on the edge of countertops.
  • Adult supervision: The totchop set should only be used by adults and children 13+.  If older children are learning to use totchop, adult supervision is essential.  It’s a great tool for teaching, but safety comes first!

Before First Use

  • Remove the silicone sleeve:  Gently and carefully pull one end of the sleeve and stretch it around one of the knife's tip.  The sleeve kept people safe during totchop's journey to you, but is not intended for long term re-use. 
  • Wash: Gently wash your totchop knife and board with warm, soapy water. Rinse well and dry.

Using Your totchop Knife

  • Grip comfortably: Hold the knife by the handle, keeping your grip firm yet comfortable.
  • Safe cutting technique: Use a rocking or chopping motion to cut. Always keep fingers away from the blade during use.
  • Keep it sharp: Sharpen your knife periodically for best results.
  • Cleaning up: Hand wash or dishwasher.  That said, hand washing the knife will help maintain its appearance over time.

Using Your totchop Board

  • Measuring aides: If desired, utilize the aides on the top corners of your board to measure bite sizes. See Our Thoughts on Safety for more information on safe feeding. 
  • Surface: Place your board on a dry, flat, stable surface. 
  • Cleaning up: Hand wash or dishwasher


  • Always out of reach of children
  • Drying rack: We recommend one of the popular "grass" drying racks. 
  • Magnetic knife block
  • Cotton snap-button sleeve:  Available in our store as part of the travel bundle

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen totchop.  Should you have any questions or need tips, feel free to reach out to Happy chopping!