Our Story

My name's Matt, and I'm the co-founder of totchop.  With a background in engineering, I often find myself looking for problems to solve.  When I was faced with cutting up food for our 8-month-old in 2020, I quickly became aggravated with the kitchen tools available.  Side of fork? Too hard.  Fork and Knife?  Too slow.  Shears?  Too sketchy.  Pizza cutter?  Too limited.  

Then I happened upon a wooden ulu set gifted by my in-laws in our China cabinet.  Eureka!  This odd-looking tool became my daily driver; the handle even fell off after using it so often.  After searching online for a version I could toss in the dishwasher, I realized nobody seemed to make one.  Hmm... the spark of an idea.

I sat on it for over a year.  Then, we had a choking scare with our youngest daughter.  While we're not entirely sure what happened, be it was choking or some sort of oxygen issue, our daughter became unresponsive at the dinner table.  After calling 911 and performing the Heimlich, we got her to vomit and regain responsiveness.  Everything ended up OK, but the experience was a terrifying wake-up call.

In the following days, and with with my wife's encouragement, I started developing a new product:  a dishwasher-safe ulu-style knife set with measuring aides.  Totchop was born. 

Our Founders

Matt Kawiecki:  With a background in engineering and leadership, Matt is the inventive spirit behind totchop. As a husband, dad, and inventor, he's always looking for ways to make life simpler and safer for families.

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Lucas Salerno:  A financial planning professional and small business owner, Lucas brings his expertise in planning and finance to the team. As a husband, dad, and planner, he ensures that our vision is always aligned with our mission.

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Austin Tracey:  With an MBA and a background in engineering and project management, Austin helps ensure that our ideas come to fruition. As a husband, dad, and executor, he's the driving force behind our operations.

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Our Mission

As parents, we understand the frustration and anxiety around meal prepping kids' food. That's why we created totchop. Inspired by the ulu knife set, our knife and cutting board aims to redefine the process of cutting children's food into bite-sized pieces. Our mission is to deliver a high-quality kitchen tool that allows for fast, low-effort, one-handed cutting, all while making meal prep more fun.

Our Vision

We envision a world where mealtime is no longer a chore but a delightful experience for parents and caregivers. 

Join our Journey

From an initial idea to a market launch, we've come a long way in just over a year. But, our journey is just beginning.  With the support of our incredible team, including engineers, CPAs, attorneys, and mentors, we're excited to bring totchop to kitchens everywhere.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Together, let's make mealtime memorable!