Our Thoughts on Safety

Totchop has been thoughtfully designed with your and your child’s safety in mind.  However, adults must always ensure that food is cut into appropriate sizes and shapes when feeding young children.

Totchop's measuring aides do not prevent choking by any means - every child and every food type is different.  The board's measuring aides serve as tools you can utilize to meet the recommendations defined by experts.  Consult your pediatrician and visit the following links to learn more about choking prevention and food safety.

For your reference, the inner dimensions of the circle aides are as follows:

  • minced = 1/8 inch
  • diced = 3/8 inch
  • chopped = 1/2 inch

If you have any concerns or questions regarding safe usage, please reach out to us. Your safety and the safety of your loved ones are our top priorities.