How It Works

Welcome to the simplicity and safety of totchop.  Designed to improve your meal prep experience, our patented design offer a range of features to make cutting, portioning, and clean-up fast and easy. 

Molded in the Michigan. 
Assembled in Indiana. 


Ergonomic Knife

Totchop's knife has a distinctive stainless steel blade that is designed for fast & precise, one-handed cutting.  Why is totchop's knife better?  Pizza cutters struggle with fruits and meats and require both hands. Forks, knives, and shears are painfully slow.  Totchop's knife can cut just about anything with ease - once you try it, you'll feel the magic. 


Cutting Board

Molded in the USA with FDA-compliant, microwave & dishwasher-safe polypropylene, the board features a centering bowl to keep food in place during cutting.  Plus, the board's silicone feet ensure the board doesn't slide around during one-handed cutting, freeing up your other hand for life’s other demands. 

Measurement Features

A ruler is included for measuring food pieces.  But, we didn’t stop there - three labeled circles (minced, diced, and chopped) serve as a helpful visual tool for parents and babysitters alike.  The largest circle has an inner diameter of one-half inch, which the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends as the maximum bite size for young children.  Please see Our Thoughts on Safety for additional information on choking prevention. 

Prep Pocket

The built-in prep pocket allows for easy storage of cut pieces.  Even better, the pocket can help separate foods if you want to use the totchop board as a serving plate!

Easy Cleaning 

All of totchop’s materials are dishwasher-safe to help make cleaning a breeze.  

Ready to simplify your meal prep with totchop? Shop now and experience the convenience for yourself!