Ulu Heritage

Honoring Tradition and Innovation

Originating in Arctic Indigenous communities, the ulu is a symbol of survival and ingenuity of the people who have thrived in some of the harshest climates on Earth for thousands of years. These resilient people invented many brilliant things, including the kayak, igloos, dog sleds, and parkas.

Our Commitment to Cultural Respect

Our mission is to celebrate the ingenious design of the ulu while ensuring that our adaptations do not exploit or overshadow its cultural heritage. We are committed to ethical practices, such as not marketing totchop as an authentic ulu, in order to respect the communities that create them. 

Supporting Ulu Craftsmanship

While we offer a modern take on the ulu for those who seek convenience, we also strongly support the artisans who create traditional ulus.  For those who wish to experience the ulu in its most authentic form, we recommend purchasing handcrafted traditional ulus (search ulu knife on Instagram). 

Why an Ulu-Inspired Knife?

Parents are in need of a faster way to prep their children's food.  An ulu solves this problem faced by millions (more on our discovery in Our Story), but the vast majority of people are unaware ulus exist. 

Totchop integrates an ulu's general design with modern kitchen needs, like dishwasher safety and measuring aides. We believe in celebrating innovation and making the practical beauty of the ulu accessible to a broader audience, thereby elevating the awareness of traditional ulus as well.  

Join Us in Respect and Appreciation

If a traditional ulu suits your needs, please seek out indigenous craftspeople. We truly want to elevate the ingenuity, not compete.