Lucas Salerno's journey is a tale of precision, planning, and the pursuit of creating a legacy that extends beyond the boardroom and into the heart of the home. At 31, Lucas has already carved out a name for himself within the financial services industry, but it's his role as a husband to Maria, and father to Archer and Giovanna, that truly defines his success.

A Foundation Built on Excellence

Lucas's academic accolades, topped by being the Scholastic Achievement in Finance recipient at Indiana University, laid the groundwork for his meticulous attention to detail. His prowess on the baseball field at Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne mirrored his professional trajectory—focused, strategic, and always aiming for home.

A Leader in Finance

Entering the finance industry through a prestigious Leadership Preparation Program, Lucas quickly distinguished himself as a natural leader. His ability to navigate complex financial landscapes led him to establish his own comprehensive financial planning practice in Fort Wayne in 2018. 

The Spark for totchop

But it's the simple moments playing softball, enjoying hockey, and teeing off on the golf course that ground him. These moments of leisure are precious, much like the time he spends with his family, which is why the inefficiencies of mealtime preparation struck a chord with him. Witnessing the daily challenges faced by his own family and those of his clients, Lucas saw an opportunity to bring his strategic thinking to solve a universal problem.

Blending Finance and Family

Lucas's financial acumen is a cornerstone of totchop's business model, ensuring that the product not only meets the needs of families but does so with economic savvy. His vision is to see totchop in every household, making meal prep a joy and giving parents back those irreplaceable moments with their children.

A Passion for People and Play

When he's not analyzing markets or advising clients, Lucas is cheering on Notre Dame football, surrounded by family and friends. It's this passion for community and connection that drives his commitment to totchop. For Lucas, it's more than just a product—it's a vehicle for family bonding, for creating memories, and for enjoying the little things in life without the worry.

Joining Forces for Families

Lucas invites you to be a part of the totchop story, to invest in a product that's grounded in family values and financial intelligence. It's an invitation to make mealtime about laughter and conversation, not about the stress of slicing and dicing.

Discover totchop, and bring the focus back to what's important—family.