Meet Austin Tracey, a man whose life is a blueprint of dedication, innovation, and the pursuit of creating something truly groundbreaking. At 33, Austin's journey is not just about building structures but about laying the foundations for a future where family comes first.

A Solid Foundation in Leadership

With an MBA from Butler University, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Leadership, and a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Austin's academic and professional credentials are as robust as the structures he's helped erect. His decade of experience in leading diverse and technical teams to deliver multi-million-dollar projects speaks volumes about his capacity to envision, execute, and excel.

From Construction Sites to Kitchen Counters

Austin's transition from the world of large-scale development to the intimate setting of the family kitchen was driven by a simple yet profound realization: the tools we use in our homes should be as thoughtfully engineered as the most complex buildings. This epiphany led to his involvement in totchop, a product that embodies his belief in a '0 to 1' solution—a term borrowed from Peter Thiel's book that resonates deeply with Austin's philosophy of innovation.

A Life Built Around Family and Nature

When Austin steps away from the drafting table, he immerses himself in the great outdoors, cherishing every hike, bike ride, and boat trip with his wife Jennifer, their children Eloise and Patrick, and their two dogs, Indy and Anna. It's in these moments of tranquility and connection that Austin finds his greatest inspiration.

The Birth of totchop

The genesis of totchop was as organic as the friendships that fuel its creation. Austin, alongside his high school baseball teammates turned co-founders, Matt and Lucas, has been instrumental in shaping totchop since November 2022. Their weekly brainstorming sessions are a testament to the synergy of their skills—Matt's inventive genius, Lucas's financial acumen, and Austin's strategic leadership.

A Tribute to Teamwork and Support

Austin's story is also one of gratitude, especially towards the silent heroes of totchop—their wives. Their unwavering support and insightful feedback have been pivotal in every phase of development. From the wildest ideas to the finest details, their influence is woven into the very fabric of totchop.

A Vision Shared and Supported

Austin's operational expertise ensures that totchop is not just a brilliant concept but a viable, functional, and accessible product. His leadership has been crucial in scaling operations, mirroring his earlier success in growing a company from 3 to 30 people through profit alone.

An Invitation to Join the totchop Family

Austin extends a heartfelt invitation to families everywhere to experience totchop—a product that's not just about making mealtime easier but about enriching the time spent with loved ones. It's an invitation to be part of a movement that values innovation, cherishes family, and celebrates the joy of togetherness.

Discover totchop, and be part of the journey to a happier, healthier, family-focused mealtime.